Super Hero Inspired Video Slot Machines

Video slot machine designers often look to heroes for inspiration when creating new concepts and games. It’s a great idea. Super heroes create glamour, excitement and energy, as well as brand recognition. These are exactly the kinds of things that will draw people to one slot over another.พีจีสล็อต

Video slots have been inspired by many super heroes. Slots now feature many of the Marvel Comics’ heroes. The Fantastic Four include Mr.Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and our personal favorite, the Human Torch. We always wonder what happens to him when he gets gas. And The Thing is the stone man.

The Marvel Comics heroes have also seen the addition of Thor and the Amazing Spiderman. These types of slot machines seem to prefer cartoon-like recreations of heroes to the ones you’ll see on movies or adaptations. This is evident in the Wonder Woman and Incredible Hulk slots.

A slot has been created for Hellboy, the hero from the Mike Mignola cartoon. Although it took December last year for the slot to arrive, Super Man was able to claim his place among hundreds of other slots. The Superman slot has 50 paylines, which is quite impressive considering most other video slots only have 9 to 25 lines. The Superman slot is one of our most complicated. It can take a while to understand what’s going on!